June 22, 2015 | Filed Under: Security


Where do you put your car keys, wallet or purse when you get home?  Most of us have key rings with a special scene of a beach or something funny to remind us we are home.  We place our belongings out in the open in our homes so that they are easy to find.  We do this every day for years.

Burglars love this convenient attitude.  The attitude is the false sense of security that you are protected at home.  The same happens in the enterprise because enterprises are made up of humans.


If you are a run of the mill organization you will have to take a security awareness training upon beginning employment and again annually.  Compliance is forced and the answers are so basic that you do not have to listen to the training to be able to answer them.

Lack of communication from outsourced security service providers, within information security teams and more importantly to the users in the enterprise


It is a daunting task to even think about trying to tackle these basics.  We think of it as a long and drawn out project that will require a lot of operational expenditure and input from the team.