This Is Loyalty: 3 Conversations to Lead the Way

This Is Loyalty: 3 Conversations to Lead the Way

What does loyalty look like? The picture pretty much sums it up. As with all relationships, we have to ensure we are meeting the needs of the other parties.  One way to make a large impact is to respectfully share how we truly feel.  This can be a difficult task for the left-brained, analytical and logical engineer or introvert. Let’s discuss three ways to on how to share how we feel at work?

1) Be the First to Admit Mistakes

No, this isn’t a humble brag. This is real, in your face, around the fire, up close and personal, I made a mistake. Wait, since we’re talking about it, I’ve made several. Hell, I’ve made so many I can’t remember all of them.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”
– Albert Einstein

Start with professional mistakes. Things like I didn’t write that email or I incorrectly calculated the amount of hours for a story. As time progresses and relationships grow to be more open, the admissions become stronger.

Admissions become things like, I called out because my boss was a major douche or I just said yes in the meeting because I knew my opinion wasn’t valued. In my personal opinion, it should get to the level where personal mistakes, like “I haven’t been spending enough time with my family” or “I cheated on my diet when I said that I would do that again” are also admitted.

2) Listen to Understand and Always Talk About Solutions

Stephen Covey’s habit #5 is “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”

An engineer said, “I feel like everything changes when someone gets annoyed with me then I find out”

What is the feeling this person has in regards to their colleagues?  Being attacked.

Is it positive or negative?  Negative.

How can we overcome the feeling? Acknowledge, dig deeper and find a shared solution.

Something like:

“From what you’ve told me, it sounds like you are being attacked which causes distrust between you and the team. Is that correct?”

“It appears to be a breakdown in communication. We want clear communication to ensure an adequate level of participation with each team member or at least the chance to hash out any misconceptions that happen in a global working atmosphere. What do you think about a regularly scheduled time to sit down and simply gather a pulse on how we each feel we are doing within the team environment? ”

3) Recognize and Celebrate All Wins

Tony Robbins says that progress equals happiness. I am a firm believer in that philosophy. Why? Because it is true. When you recognize and celebrate wins, no matter the size, you create an atmosphere of positive energy around you and your teams. What does it look like? High fives because you have five fingers on each hand. Noticing a big smile on a coworker’s face. Screaming at the top of your lungs because the team has overcome obstacles to achieve goals that were once just dreams.

How have you promoted loyalty within your organization?


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