March 14, 2016 | Filed Under: Operations

As a technical lead, manager, director or any other title that is responsible for an operations team, technical skills are a bedrock for strong results.  It is still early in the year, take time to procure budget for technical training.  Receive feedback from engineers about what types of courses would be beneficial both individually and as a whole.  Ensure that not only are engineers given time to take a course, but that they systematically have time to study on a regular basis.

Lead your team by:

  1. emphasizing the importance of technical progression
  2. conveying the need for overall professional development
  3. carving out regular time for study & practice
  4. investing in learning material and lab environment(s)
  5. allowing for a scheduled technical teaching meeting

The above actions clearly convey that you care about your team as individuals and team members.  It says loud and clear that they matter to you and what they do matters to the overall goal of the team.  This leads to employees who are more engaged and dedicated to the team and business.