The audits home page shows the device type, vendor, number of devices with audits, the cumulative device type, operating system and overall device scores.  Additionally, quick links to the list of audit checks, the ability to mitigate failures and to perform an audit

Expanding the devices shows the current status of the audit checks along with the individual device scores.  Audit check statuses are passed, failed, pending, processing, pending mitigation and mitigated.

At the device level, each audit check can be viewed.  The name is hyperlinked to the audit check to reveal what command the check is typing, the expected output, score, auto-mitigation commands and any qualifiers.  You also have the ability to mitigate, ignore or simply recheck an individual audit check on one device.

Audit checks are security and availability best practices for each device.  The home page shows the total number of checks for each device type, vendor and operating system.  New audit checks are added weekly.  Additionally, the ability to create your own from scratch or from an existing check is easy with the convenient buttons at the top.