July 26, 2015 | Filed Under: Cisco ASAFirewall

Had trouble understanding the different serial numbers on the newer X-series firewalls? You’re not alone.

Cisco decided to have one serial number for the traditional chassis, the one that is on the outside of the physical box, revealed with you the typical show version command. This serial number is used to add to your contract for support.

The other serial number is found via a new command of show inventory. This will reveal another “chassis” with a different serial number. You may have more listed depending on additional hardware that you may have ordered. The serial numbers revealed with this command are the ones that you will use for software licensing above what comes standard with the box. For example, additional AnyConnect peers, FirePOWER features or a shared license.

CN-Lab-5525# show version | i Serial Number
Serial Number: FCH189XXXXX  <== physical label on box
CN-Lab-5525# show inventory
Name: “Chassis”, DESCR: “ASA 5525-X with SW, 8 GE Data, 1 GE Mgmt, AC”
PID: ASA5525 , VID: V03 , SN: FTX189XXXXX <== serial needed for features

Now that you know the difference in the serial numbers, time to celebrate with coffee!