Check Point SmartConsole Drag and Drop

May 29, 2017 | Filed Under: Check PointOperations


At some point in the past, Check Point allowed us to click an object and drag it into a group object.  This can be very useful, especially with discontiguous ip ranges and/or hostnames.  Sometimes you have a group object or objects that need to be updated multiple times a week with newly created objects.  Regardless, here is a way to use metadata along with the drag and drop feature to get things done faster.


  1. Tag the newly created object with a unique item
    1. The comment field is your friend
    2. Request/Ticket/Case/CRM # is unique
    3. Date and username may be unique
    4. Your vocabulary word of the day.  Mine is pedantry 🙂
  2. Ensure you can view the objects list
    1. View => Objects List
    2. Click the ^ to expand
  3. Find your target group by expanding the objects tree on the left
  4. Search for your unique metadata tag
  5. Click and drop your objects to the group


Video Sample (Yes..we cheated with dbedit)


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