Check Point and the odumper utility

Check Point and the odumper utility

First, this is an unofficial and unsupported tool written by a former Check Point great, Martin Hoz.

  1. Download the tool here
  2. Ensure your Gaia user has bash shell access (default does not)
    1. set user admin shell /bin/bash
  3. SCP the tool to your management station
  4. Unzip the tool (tar xzvf ofiller_v2.4.tgz)
  5. Change directories to Linux_and_Splat
  6. Run odumper to get your objects for manipulation
    1. odumper.lin -f $FWDIR/conf/objects_5.0.C -o <path><name>
    2. odumper.lin -f $FWDIR/conf/objects_5.0.C -o /var/tmp/odumper/myobjects.csv
    3. NOTE:  If you have a lot of custom names, you may hit the hard limit of 140 the the tool will stop.

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