The Right Tools for the Job

Good tools are crucial when performing any routine and precise tasks, and network security is no exception. How can you improve your cybersecurity toolbox?

Proactive Intruder Monitoring

The cybersecurity ecosystem is constantly changing. It's time to take a proactive approach to securing your company's systems.

Cisco ASA Firewall Cluster Member Replacement

So one of your firewalls in your highly available cluster died. It happens. It’s not your fault. But, you have to put humpty dumpty back together again. Do it the wrong way, and you can erase your configuration and bring the cluster down! Prepare for Success Backup current configuration:  Use the more system:running-config command b.      Certificates [...]

Check Point Firewall – Find Your Top 5 Rules Used on the CLI

An easy way to find out your top 5 used rules in R76 and above from the CLI (command-line interface) on your Check Point firewall is to type cpstat blades.  The command is not super intuitive, but it does produce results. [[email protected]:0]# cpstat blades |grep -A9 "Top Rule" Top Rule Hits ----------------------- |rule index|rule count| [...]

STDIN (Standard In) on Steroids

CyberSana provides a secure bridge into your infrastructure. The ability to type the same commands on multiple devices is used for triage, incident response, upgrades, baselines and general information gathering. Regardless of the destination, you can now easily type a command to all devices or specific target groups or individual devices.

Find your Check Point Management Station

In a large environment, finding the Check Point manager for a firewall can be challenging. Generally, in a MSSP, large enterprise or an acquisition/growth phase business, you will have a separate domain/CMA (Customer Management Add-on) for each customer, line of business, purpose or location. Each management station is unique and when there are hundreds of them [...]