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3 Steps to Infrastructure Security


24/7 security awareness

IT network internal and external health and infrastructure security through configurable enterprise-level baseline standards and integration.


Customizable and ready to scale

Leverage plug-and-play installation or build and customize tasks from scratch. CyberSana adapts to your needs.


Worry-free maintenance with best practice audit mitigation

CyberSana’s out-of-the-box automation tools and customizable task scheduling help your team spend less time maintaining infrastructure and more time on higher value activities.

What Others Are Saying

This software is what engineering and operations teams everywhere have been wanting for a long time.
Sr. Director Global Security & Engineering, MSSP
The use cases showed immediate value. We have committed to enhancing security as a community.
Sr. Security Engineer, Information Services Company
We are now actually changing the built-in administrator passwords on our infrastructure devices!
IT Audit Engineer

Letter from a CISO

Over the years, my company has acquired several smaller entities, and one of our greatest challenges has been coordinating operations across the resulting heterogeneous environments and disparate technologies. Until recently, security management was a nightmare. Even basics like password changes, baseline standard implementation, and backups could take weeks of coordination.

CyberSana simplified everything for us. The platform supports every operating system we’re running for Check Point, plus Cisco, Juniper ScreenOS and JunOS. And the auto-device detection had us up and running within a day. We are saving a ton of time changing passwords and backing up our technologies across the enterprise. The built-in baseline standards have been great, and we are now implementing our own custom standards through the software. CyberSana solved some really key problems for us and streamlined our entire security management operation.

One thing I didn’t know I was looking for, was CyberSana’s Risk Dashboard. Now I don’t know what I would do without it. The automatic scoring is very intuitive and makes it extremely easy to keep a top-level view of our security health across the enterprise, and on a per-client basis. When we encounter a problem, CyberSana notifies us immediately so we can take swift action.

We haven’t had many issues with the platform, but when we have had questions their support team has right on top of it. Overall, CyberSana has been a big win for us.

Chief Information Security Officer